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Article: Use Free Classifieds to Drive Traffic To Your Website

     Many webmasters are using Free Classified Ads to tap new markets and provide their visitors with a reason to keep coming back. If you can give your prospects a reason to return to your site, you have additional opportunities to earn their trust...and their business.

     Highland Classifieds invites you to participate in it's affiliate program. If you have a website, you can provide your visitors with advertising options similar to our own by using our classified system. You will have complete control over what categories your readers can see (exclude unrelated, adult, or personal ads, for example), and will share in any revenue derived from your participation. Best of all, your readers will have a reason to return to your pages time and time again when they post, view, and modify their FREE ads. There is absolutely no cost to become an affiliate.  

You earn 30% commission on every feature added (includes color and bold listings, gold memberships, all region ads, hyperlinks, etc.). 

How it works...

You place a link to the Affiliate site on your Website.
Only visitors to your website will be able to use the Affiliate template you create.
Our classified template provides the HTML code to place your Affiliate categories right on your pages.


Basic Affiliate System

  • Absolutely No start-up or maintenance fees
  • 30% direct earnings from payments made by your referred users
  • Modest $20.00 payout threshold. Commissions are paid monthly.
  • Unlimited number of ads
  • Choice of categories to display
  • Customize the color and fonts
  • Thousands of network ads from day one
  • Inventory is shared in the Highland Classifieds Network
  • Classified Affiliate statistics
  • Link back to your site included at the top of each classified ad page (no worry about losing a visitor after they post their ads).


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