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You've created a great website and generate a respectable level of traffic. But, your web stats show that most of your visitors check out your site, visit a couple of pages, and never return again. We've all heard that a prospect must see your message at least seven times before you've earned their trust and they decide to buy what you're selling. Are you missing out in potential sales because they come to your site and then leave forever?

Several web site owners are using a free classified ads program to tap new markets and provide their visitors with a reason to keep coming back. If you can give your prospects a reason to return to your website, you have additional opportunities to earn their trust...and their business.

Here's an example,

Let's say your website offers hard to find auto parts for classic cars. Related markets probably include classic cars, used cars, hot rods, corvettes, etc. People buying and selling these vehicles could also have an interest in auto parts for these vehicles.

By advertising that your auto parts website accepts free classified ads for vehicles, you generate additional traffic. Buyers and sellers search the web, find that you accept free ads, and visit your website to post ads for their cars. As they make changes to their ads, check on the number of times their ads have been shown and visited, they keep returning to your pages. Each return visit is an opportunity to share your auto parts offers with them.

Here's how it works. You place a link to your classified ads site using appropriate keywords for your market ("Free Corvette Ads", "Hot Rot Classifieds," "Used Car Ads," etc.). Search engines just love these types of links, and including these keywords will undoubtedly improve your ranking for exactly the type of prospect you want to attract to your web pages. Greater visibility means better traffic.

Here's an added benefit. When your visitors post their classified ads, they are presented with an offer to upgrade their free ad with enhancements (feature ads, color, bolded listing, etc). This sets their offer apart from the other ads and gains better exposure for them. Most classified ad affiliate programs will pay you a percentage (usually 10-25%) of the upgrade cost. You've just created another income stream from your web pages.

If you don't already have your own website, you can get cheap hosting for $2.95/month with iPage. Have your own web site? Get this nifty WordPress classifieds plugin to generate your very own classified ad web site and keep 100% of the commission yourself. You might decide to give away free classifieds or charge a small fee as your site visitors post ads to buy and sell their products on your site - you set the terms. Simply add a WordPress blog to your existing site, add this theme, and you're ready to go. You've just added another revenue stream for your web site.

By joining and incorporating a Free Classified Ad Affiliate Program into your site, you create the ultimate win-win-win. You provide your visitors with a free value-added benefit, you improve your rankings with the search engines by incorporating keyword hyperlinks into your site, you attract additional markets to expose to your product, you create an additional revenue stream as they upgrade their ads, and you give your prospects a reason to return to your site again and again.

Join a Classified Ad Affiliate Program today and watch as your traffic, and your business, improve tomorrow.

About the Author:

Dave MacDonald is the webmaster of Highland Classifieds, a classified system offering classified affiliate programs paying 30% commissions and free classified ad directories.

This article may be reprinted freely, with no modifications, provided any use includes the About the Author bio intact.

Host Your Own Classifieds Program

WordPress Classifieds - 100%

Have your own website? Use this nifty WordPress classifieds theme to create your very own classified ad site and earn 100% commission. Perhaps you'll choose to give away free classifieds or charge a fee as your visitors post ads to buy and sell their products on your site - YOU set the terms. Simply attach a WordPress blog to your existing site, add this theme, and you're up and running. You will need a PayPal account to receive money (100% commissions!) as your customers pay for their ads. If you don't already have your own website, you can get cheap hosting for $2.95/month with iPage.

Best Free Classifieds Affiliate Programs

Highland Classifieds - 30%

Drive traffic to your site with Highland Classifieds free classifieds program. Enjoy repeat visitors as they return to view, post, and modify their ads. Affiliates earn 30% commission on every feature upgrade (includes color & bold listings, gold memberships, all region ads, hyperlinks, etc.). Referred members are yours for life (continue getting paid even if you stop promoting the program). Absolutely no affiliate fees. Modest $20.00 payout threshold before receiving a check (paid monthly).


US Free Classifieds - 40%

Program pays 40% of each sale made by people you refer. No cap or limit to the amount of money you can earn. Free. No website required. Minimum $25 monthly payment threshold. Payments via Paypal.


Ablewise Classifieds - 20-40%

Refer users using your unique Affiliate Links and earn up to 40% commission per sale. Unlimited income possible - no cap on earnings. No scripts to download, no programming involved - All you need is a Paypal account to receive money from them.


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